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What catches my eye.

This guy is over from Ireland. Drinking German beer. (at Black Forest Brooklyn)

at Speedy Romeo

Happy World Cup afternoon! (at Black Forest Brooklyn)

Never actually been to the top of this park before. It’s a beautiful view! (at Sunset Park, Brooklyn)

It’s like gaping into the void. (at Las Vegas Convention Center)

City is meh, but beautiful rooftop is a beautiful rooftop. (at Ghostbar Las Vegas)

This town is giving me a lot of feelings about America. #alaac14 (at Las Vegas, Nevada)

at Caesars Palace Hotel

Oh hello, desert landscape.

Home again home again. (at BQE Brooklyn Queens Expressway)

So this is happening. (at Niagara Falls State Park, USA)

So, I’m at an awesome wedding in Buffalo. (at Woodlawn Beach State Park)

Beautiful day for a beach wedding. (at Woodlawn Beach State Park)

Love these hand-carved tap handles. (at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery)

Found a beautiful fluffy cottonwood tree, too. (at Hamburg, New York)

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