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What catches my eye.

This is a serious church. (at Church)

New fav record shop on earth. (at 12 Tónar)

It’s like we never left. (at Reykjavík, Iceland)

Icelandic attention grabbers. At an awesome Icelandic library. #librarytourism (at City Library)

Some serious jazz record collection happening at the Reykjavik City Library. #librarytourism (at City Library)

Nicely designed city library! #librarytourism (at City Library)

There is a design thing happening in this city. (at Reykjavik Harbour)

at Reykjavik Harbour

at Sægreifinn - Sea Baron

So this is happening. (at Reykjavík, Iceland)

Scene from “Temping,” a no-actor narrative technology play from Wolf359, by @oct1473254 @crowley_wolf @afwember and @imitationsun (at Dixon Place)

An algorithm to auto generate covers for public domain ebooks. Just another day here at @nypl Labs. #publicdomain #gutenberg #ebooks (at NYPL The New York Public Library)

My Crow T. Robot tchotchke broke. Sad day at @nypl. #mst3k #entropy #allgoodthings (at New York Public Library)

Well played, restaurant sign. (at No. 7)

Dinner view, other direction. (at Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York)

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