Hurricane Status Update #1 from Fort Awesome Keep

So, I decided to write a letter to my roommates — who are both coincidentally and fortunately out of town this weekend — updating them on the status of the homestead during the hurricane.

But it was fun to write, so I decided to post it here.

And if I’m going to be indoors all weekend, might as well have something to show for it.

Dear Roommates:

It has started raining.
Just a taunting drizzle at the moment.
The neighborhood is eerily quiet for a Saturday morning except for the car alarms, which carry on unabated.

I could hear the last subway run pull into the Lafayette station just a few minutes ago.

People in all the bodegas/corner markets were freaking the fuck out yesterday.
The nice Indian lady who runs the store on Greene Ave. looked pretty beat when I went in around 5:30pm yesterday.
I wonder what the stores will be like today.
I’m going to go out for coffee soon, and to take a last wander around the neighborhood. Might pick up some milk (I’m assuming the perishables will all still be widely available, because everyone was only freaking the fuck out about non-perishables).

Closer to home, a man and a woman are on our roof, speaking Spanish to each other. Have no idea what they’re saying, but there’s an urgent edge to whatever they’re arguing about. You can hear them clearly from most rooms in the apartment.

I was out at a librarian shindig in Greenpoint/Williamsburg (where the hell is the actual dividing line?) last night, and there’s a hilarious vibe among the Young Urban Tribes, nicely summed up by Nate Silver:
“Very very quiet in Midtown and on the subway. Everybody’s staying in. Or going to ironic block parties in Williamsburg.”

Basically, people are ironically/not-all-that-ironically planning to party in Irene’s face as she approaches.
The backlash against the PANIC! media coverage is in full swing, and people are convincing themselves that it’s just going to be a really rainy day or two, possibly with a brief power outage. I’ve been invited to Hurricane Watch parties for this evening, where everyone is going to get blotto and then run home before the storm starts in earnest at 2am or so (what could possibly go wrong?!). That said, I am very seriously considering having a drink or two at *** around 9pm, depending on how the rest of the weather develops today.

This is an awfully long MetaFilter thread, but skim quickly through until you get to the section on Westside Market/Fairway in Manhattan — totally worth it. I swear, I have written the very same things about shopping at Fairway the day before Passover. The little old ladies, they are vicious.

For some reason, I’m reluctant to fill the bathtub with water as recommended in that thread and elsewhere. I think this is a reaction against the forces of panic that are strongly urging me to do so. But then, the image of not being able to flush the toilets for days is helping me power through that aversion pretty quickly.
A related FYI: if the end is extremely fucking nigh, I am going to pee in the sink. Just so there are no illusions between us on that point.

There is now a lot of patio furniture in our living room, along with a lot of plants in their pots. At least I won’t suffer from oxygen deprivation as I watch this hurricane roll in.

More as it happens.

Editor’s note: nevermind the bit about going for a drink this evening — there’s a hurricane out there!

  • Aug 27

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